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IBISNV – love to work together

It is not easy running a small company all alone from your kitchen table, taking care of everything from bookkeeping to marketing, advertisement, purchasing, order negotiation, selling, project management, delivery, logistics. It can be overwhelming. But then it is good to realize that you are not alone: in Sweden, 93% of all companies are small, employing over 30% of the population (source: SBA fact sheet 2019).  in Hagfors kommun alone are 668 small companies employing 1763 persons (of a total of 798 companies (source: företagarna 2018).

Nowadays there is no need to be in the center of a big city. Hagfors is far away from the big cities, but thanks to the high-level infrastructure, glassfiber connection and our link to the Innovation Park Karlstad, we are connected to the rest of the world. You can live in the beautiful surroundings of Hagfors, enjoy everything that nature has to offer and still run your company just as efficient as if you were in the center of Stockholm.

Innovation is not only about big inventions and building large companies, it is also making life easier and comfortable, doing things different, trying something new. IBISNV offers a working environment where small companies can meet, have a coffee together and share some info and experiences. Our biggest asset is the Coffee Machine: here we meet and talk. We all have had challenges and found fixes which can be valuable to share.  Together we have everything, and we know virtually everything!

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IT Solutions by Cooperation and Innovation

Inter-Data has been developing, producing and selling high-quality sustainable Track & Trace Fleet Management and Security solutions for more than 20 years.

Inter-Data is known in the market for its reliability, flexibility, expertise and high-quality service.

With many years of experience, Inter-Data is one of the longest in the market innovative companies in the field of Track and Trace and Security.

By using the latest technologies in the field of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, the products and services of Inter-Data are infinitely scalable and very suitable for both small and very large organizations.

From the second quarter of 2021, Inter-Data will start supplying unique solutions for the highly secure and sustainable storage of archive data.

Jurian van der Knaap Software security networks AB

Jurian van der Knaap

Software security networks AB

Our primary business focus is the development of custom Internet of Things software platforms, based on an Enterprise Architecture. We also install, maintain and secure wired and wireless networks for business customers.

grpc jurone, pipe systems and tanks

Industrial GRE GRP pipe systems and tanks

Plastics offer durable and environmental attractive alternatives for traditional materials to fight corrosion and reduce costs. Jurone AB offers services and support for a safe and successful application of (glassfiber reinforced) plastics for industrial applications in design, specifications, calculations, installation and training. Drive the design, production and installation quality to the required level and control this. No shortcuts: what is promised must be met, not only in the office, also in the field.

Duck and Cover, We have the continuity solution

Duck and Cover BCS

You need to protect your business!

While it is of great importance to make plans on how to recover from disaster, when it comes to disasters, few things go as planned. This is why at Duck and Cover BCS, we think it is important to be flexible. By developing affordable online- and offline emp proof data storage solutions situated in the safest possible environment remote from any threat we want to offer a last resort solution to ensure that our customers are among the first to thrive after a serious data disaster.

“planning is everything, the plan is nothing..”

Creative Pack

Design agency for print and digital

In our designs we always look for a perfect balance between shape, color, recognisability and functionality. Not only the client must recognize himself in it, the target group must be touched by it and activated. Whether in print and online it has to fit properly. Because then I have done my job well. Let us help you with good printed matter or a beautiful website. contact us for a colorful conversation!

Omega Solution, more clever then the problem

Omega Solution

When the Shit Hits The Fan!

Our concept is simple concept is simple: To provide a safe and affordable place where a dedicated group of people can survive serious SHTF events together.

Unlike certain well known high-cost luxurious doomsday shelters where you buy or rent expensive accommodations, sit back and relax while the world outside comes to an end, we expect all our members to actively contribute to the group’s survival.

We are not a luxury hotel: All members will be required to take up several activities, depending on the type of event. Together we will survive!

Johanna Kontor & Service


Kontor & Service

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Huis kopen in Zweden

Huis Kopen in Zweden

Your next house in Zweden with our help!

You are looking for beautiful, Swedish, rural real estate in Sweden. With original elements, without major renovations and with a view. For an affordable price. The location of a home is important to you when making your choice. The brokers of “Buy House In Sweden” search specifically for characteristic residential objects that meet your needs.

Huis kopen in Zweden

Byggfors Byggnadsfirma AB

Vi bygger med naturen

We offer professional services for insulation, airtightness, roofing, concrete, exterior cladding and more. We are working with some of the leading manufacturers and solutions providers. Our experience are over 40 years in the building market and our focus is on quality, innovation and good service. We also offer modular solutions and prefabricated houses. For further informations contact us on tel. 010 550 2999

Huis kopen in Zweden

Zenfors AB

Digital byrå, IT-lösningar och WordPress webdesign

We have over 35 years experience in marketing, strategy, brand management, creative design, web development and information technology. We have built successful long term relationship with our customers and offer full circle service and support. Our customers include some world known brand names like Honda, Duni, Stiga, Adobe, Icelandair, Vikingtours and many more. For further informations contact us on tel. 010 550 2900

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